Entry #4

What a terrible night for a curse...

2013-11-05 09:57:32 by Tentain

A resurrection of an old game; quite literally infact.

A Gravenight Tale : Resurrection, a 3D remastering of an unfinished 2D platformer RPG which I've never never released due to lack of interest.

How many action-RPGs do you see where you play as a skeleton now en' days?

What a terrible night for a curse...


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2013-11-05 10:42:56

None. Interesting!

Tentain responds:

Well actually come-to-think-of-it, I can think of two action hack n' slashers where you play as a skeleton; MediEvil and MediEvil 2; but those games are ancient.


2013-11-06 00:19:05

Due to lack of funds, Gravenight Tale is on hold for a bit till I can afford to buy a specific RPG system I have my eye on. ~,~ Game development is rather difficult in a team of 1, with no real job.


2013-11-06 04:20:33

Oh yeah, I actually played the second one on PSX. Never made it past the first level back then but it seemed like fun... there should be some Lonely Bones game too...