2013-11-03 22:56:32 by Tentain

Made some progress on project EctoScape. Here is a video.


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2013-11-05 10:14:59

Made heavy improvements to Project EctoScape, including a high-res player model (no clothes just yet, but it's getting there), and a reworking of the movement, and animating scripts.


2013-11-08 22:14:22

Found the perfect program to build a new play model with, but wasted all my money on everything else and cannot afford it, UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH; Ive already exausted my budget and family-favors, I'm literally been eating nothing but turkey-hotdogs the past few days in order to save money. x_x Still, I gotta find a way to buy FUSE before that 50% sale ends.