It has been a long time.

2013-10-31 19:59:22 by Tentain

Wow, didn't think I'd ever be back here again; but I am. Now I'm working on creating my own game, it's going to be a detective game, based in a futuristic city. Will be a point n' click mystery solver. I've been playing way too much Pheonix Wright and Fallout 1-2. x_x Currently I have the main character model made, well- could still use some work on his outfit, thinking of giving him a fedora but not sure- I have a fedora I can use but it would look kinda- well... Maybe. I'm ranting, also could make him a jacket.

If anyone is a 3D designer and would like to help make a jacket for the model, that'd be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone is particularly good with C# and would like to help with the project; that would also be pretty awesome.


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